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This project, A Bill of State Rights, is a grass-roots campaign that has organized in response to the dysfunction that exists in the United States Federal Government. Any institution can outgrow its own capacity to operate efficiently. Private organizations often restructure themselves when their own growth has become excessive or unmanageable. Yet, democratic governments have as a matter of historical fact demonstrated themselves incapable of similar restructuring, at least without massive public disorder, bloodshed, and/or the emergence of dictatorship.

From the United States Declaration of Independence, we understand that governments are instituted in a society to protect all individuals with those rights that are unalienable: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness being three examples. The form of government that exists in a society may either preserve the rights of all or, by and by, become destructive of these ends. Indeed, it is the nature of any government to be ever expanding, ever more controlling, ever more powerful. All government must be restrained against its own growth if it is to be prevented from devouring the rights of the very individuals it was intended to protect.

The Constitution of the United States was designed to be a bulwark against the over-expansion of the Federal Government that it created. This bulwark consisted of a system of redundant protections, with the intent that the failure of any single protection would be corrected by other mechanisms. Major precautions against government growth included the principle of separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, and shared sovereignty with the State Governments.

The Bill of Rights provides protections to both to individuals and to the States. Historically, the Bill of Rights has a tremendous record in preventing and even overcoming the habitual violation of individual rights by Government. However, as the reach and scope of the Federal Government gets larger and larger, even the Bill of Rights is in danger of cracking against the relentless pressure of government power. We believe it is self evident that the day is fast approaching when even the Bill of Rights will be no protection to the ordinary citizen against the government powers that touch their lives.

The time is long overdue when the power of the Federal Government must be scaled back, its size truncated, and its scope forced back within well-defined confines. Power can only be checked by power equal and opposite. The only institutional power that can act as a check and balance against the Federal Government is the cooperative action of the State governments.

The power of the Federal Government must be pared back, and the capacity of the states cooperatively act as a counterbalance to the expansion of Federal power augmented. To this end, we call for the enactment of amendments to the Constitution of the United States, A Bill of State Rights, that:

  • Systematically diminish the power and scope of the National Government and National Bureaucracy,
  • Augment the capacity of the individual states to cooperate together to counter balance any accrual of power by the federal government,
  • Maintain a protection of individual liberty and rights against encroachment by any government, federal, state, or local.

The American system of government has produced the largest and most prosperous group of free people in all of history. Political freedom is the dominant and transcendent medium in which this great prosperity has been achieved. We believe that, on the one hand, America's prosperity is a direct consequence of her political freedom; and yet, on the other hand, that political freedom is itself an essential component of human happiness, self-worth, and decency in any society. Hence, one responsibility of each American generation is to ensure that freedom is preserved for all future generations.

In this next American century, we do not want to see disorder, bloodshed, or the emergence of dictatorship in our country. Opinions vary as to how far down the road to each of these destinations our nation has already traveled. However, it is easy to make a convincing case that the seeds for each have been planted in our society. Observers across a broad range of political and national boundaries recognize that the modern American political system has deep inconsistencies and systemic weaknesses. More often than not, unbridled expansion of the Federal Government is at the heart of America's greatest challenges. The Federal Government is also the obstacle to our most sustainable and effective solutions.

Please join us in our efforts to resist the abuse of power that is the U.S. National Government of the 21st century. If you agree with us that in the name of Freedom and Liberty the Federal Government has abused its powers for too long, commit to take some of the following actions:

  • Always elect representatives to local and national office who have personally acknowledged to you that the Federal Government is abusing its powers and must be intelligently resisted, and who generally agree that every government must always have institutional checks and balances. (That is, ask them specifically before you give them your vote!)
  • Always verify that your elected representatives are acting in accordance with their personal commitment to undercut unconstitutional powers being exercised by the Federal Government. Require of them to demonstrate how they are working to amend the U.S. Constitution to cut the Federal Government down to size and ensure that it never again grows to dominate the balance of power as it does now.
  • Ask your elected representatives, especially at the state and local level, to support amendments to the U.S. Constitution that strategically tip the balance of government power back toward the States. Ask them to support specific amendments that you believe will help.
  • Require of them to demonstrate how they are working to amend the U.S. Constitution to cut the Federal Government down to size and ensure that it never again grows to dominate the balance of power as it does now.
  • Spread the word! Invite relatives and friends to educate themselves about the importance of restoring the balance of power between the Federal Government and the 50 United States.
  • Contribute to this project, or other projects that are promoting liberty via constitutional amendments. At this point, only systemic changes to the actual U.S. system of government as it exists today can hope to bring lasting and sustainable movement towards liberty.