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Whereas the People of the nation are the ultimate authority from which all government derives any right to exercise authority, the vote of the people must be held sacrosanct in any democracy. The integrity of the vote should be utterly unquestionable. (Read more...) <section end=Motivation />

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"Section 1. The integrity of the vote being necessary to the preservation of this Democratic Republic, all votes cast for civil officers of the Federal Government or of a State Government shall be preceded by the verification, at the time and place of the vote, of a valid and current form of identification issued by the Federal Government or the State government; provided such form of identification includes at minimum a photograph of the bearer, or other form of technology that uniquely identifies and certifies the bearer as a full Citizen of the Nation or State; and provided that the authenticity and identity of the is verifiable at the location of the vote. <section end=Fulltext />

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